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Custom Travel Planner Network-Korea-Gyeongbokgung Palace Gyeongbokgung Palace Custom Travel Planner Network-Korea-Namsan Hill-Seoul Namsan Hill
Custom Travel Planner Network-Korea-Andong Andong Custom Travel Planner Network-Korea-Bulgapsa Bulgapsa Temple Custom Travel Planner Network-Korea-Seongsan Ilchulbong-Jeju Seongsan Ilchulbong
Jeju Island
Custom Travel Planner Network-Korea-Hanok Village Hanok Village


Korea Top Ten Travel Ideas

Ideas for working with your South Korea Custom Tour Planner

1 – Party in Seoul.

2 – Visit the DMZ Dora Observatory.

3 – Sail to Jeju Island.

Custom Travel Planner Network-Korea-Gyeongbokgung Palace

Gyeongbokgung Palace

4 – Refresh your spirit with a temple stay.

5 – Climb to Biro Peak.

6 – Savor your way down a food street, sampling agujjim, jokbal or naengmyeon.

7 – Explore the ancient art of Korean ceramics.

8 – Experience the treasures of Confusian culture in Andong.

9 – Relax in Sobaeksan Pungi Spa.

10 – Learn how to make kimchi.

Korea Custom Travel Planners

We suggest enlisting the help of a South Korea Custom Tour planner when planning your trip to this little explored country.   A travel expert who knows South Korea can introduce you to all the resources and options that will make your trip special.

The following list is compiled from travel writers, travel experts and our readers.  An independent tour, designed just for you and personalized to your needs, is often the best way to get the most out of your travel experience.

Past Conde Nast Korea Travel Expert

None listed

Travel & Leisure A-List

None listed

Wendy Perrin’s WOW List

None listed

Additional Korea Custom Travel Planner Ideas

Korea Custom Travel Planner: Walter Keats: Asia One-on-One
Phone: 800-262-6420
Email: walter.keats@asia1on1.com
Website: SouthKorea1on1


Korea Custom Travel Planner: Alex Lee: Korea Private Tours (Happymize)
Phone: 82/70-8627-8080
Email: only through Inquiry page on website
Website: Korea Private Tours

Korea Custom Travel Planner: Magical Korea
Phone: 44/161-440-7332
Email: enquiry@magicalchina.co.uk
Website: Magical Korea

Food Tours:

Korea Custom Travel Planner: O’ngo Food Communications
Phone: 82/2-3446-1607
Email: ongofood@ongofood.com

Help us make our list better. Let us know if you have a favorite Korea Custom Travel Planner in the comment section below!

Korea Tourism Website Information

Imagine Your Korea

Standard website with the usual complement of what to do and where to do it, punctuated with travel information and general government tourism-speak.  Heading into Croatia territory on the run-on sentences.

From the website; an example of a destination write-up:

Towns, cities and provinces around Korea have a knack for finding a niche – a product, a particular cuisine or even a mud festival to attach themselves to.  Some have historic connections, some don’t, but whatever the connection is, once it has been made in the hearts and minds of the people, an unbreakable bond forms, and that place, for better or worse, is forever entwined with said cultural property.  Jeonju has bibimbap, Boryeong has its mud festival, and Damyang-gun in Jeollanam-do has bamboo.
Bamboo may be universally associated with sword wielding ninjas, crouching tigers and hidden dragons, but Damyang, the northernmost point on the Korean Peninsula where bamboo grows in abundance, has cornered the market as far as Korea goes. There are plenty of attractions in Damyang, but the bamboo is inescapable and seems to pervade every aspect of life here.”

General Information

Korean Won
Seoul Inchon (ICN)


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    September 26, 2015

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  • LENG Kam Pei

    November 29, 2016

    We will in Seoul on 12-16 Dec 2016. Just my child and myself, 2 only.
    I hope to have a tour guide to bring us around and with private tour guide to those attractives we hope to explore.

    Wondering if you plan out a tour for us and get me a quotation.
    Please give me contact email or number.


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