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Custom Travel Planners Network

Netherlands Holland Custom Travel Planners


Whether you are going to Holland or the Netherlands – it’s the same place! – A Netherlands Custom travel planner can help you design your tour. Create the perfect tour with the help of one of these Netherlands custom travel planners.

Conde Nast Netherlands Travel Expert

Netherlands Custom Travel Planners Ideas

Wooden Shoes of Holland

Netherlands Custom Travel Planner: Harmina Mulder: The Travel Society
Phone: 303-337-8262
Email: harmina@travelsociety.com
Website: travelsociety.com

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Additional Netherlands Custom Travel Planners by Specialty:


Netherlands Custom Travel Planner: Harmina Mulder: The Travel Society
Phone: 303-337-8262
Email: harmina@travelsociety.com
Website: travelsociety.com


Netherlands Custom Travel Planner: Architecture Tours.NL
Phone: 31/628-847-075
Email: info@architecturetours.nl
Website: Architecture Tours NL


Netherlands Custom Travel Planner: Holland Bike Tours
Phone: 31-30-6364677
Email: info@hollandbiketours.com
Website: Holland Bike Tours

Netherlands Custom Travel Planner: Dutch Bike Tours
Phone: 0031(0)243244712
Email: info@dutchbiketours.com
Website: Dutch Bike Tours

Barge Cruises:

Ellen Sack: Barge Lady Cruises
Phone: 800-880-0071
Email: ellen@bargelady.com
Website: Barge Lady Cruises

Read Ellen’s Insider’s Guide to Barge Cruises

Cultural Experiences:

None yet!

Top Ten For Holland: Ideas for working with your Netherlands Custom Tour Planner

1 – Cycle past slowing turning windmills.

2 – Walk amid the tulips of Keukenhof.

Netherlands Custom Travel Planners Ideas

Tulip Fields

3 – Get your first pair of wooden shoes.

4 – See the works of Rembrandt, Vermeer, Bosch and Mondrian in the Rijksmuseum.

5 – Stay at a historical farm.

6 – Take a canal ride in Amsterdam.

7 – See the stunning sails of the Skûtsjesilen in Friesland.

8 – Reflect at Anne Frank’s house.

9 – Bike through Dutch polders and centuries-old cities.

10 – Shop for Delft china.

Netherlands Tourism Website:



From the website:

Anything you ever wanted to know about Holland in one place. This is Holland.com! Whether you are coming to Holland for a city trip or a beach holiday – holland.com offers loads of information and inspiration, from the Rijksmuseum to the Anne Frank house, from Rembrandt to Van Gogh and from Amsterdam to Zandvoort.

We also provide a lot of useful information and the opportunity to book your hotel or holiday cottage against very attractive rates. If you want to book tickets for an excursion, amusement park or museum, you can do that too. We make sure you get the most from your stay in Holland.

Let us know if you have a favorite Netherlands Custom Travel Planner in the comment section!


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