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Nicaragua Custom Travel Planners Ideas


From coffee farms to cloud forests, your key to a successful trip to Nicaragua is to use of one of these Nicaragua custom travel planners.   This list of expert tour planners will help put you on the path to a great trip:

Conde Nast Travel Experts

Nicaragua Custom Travel Planners Ideas

Cathedral in Granada, Nicaragua

Nicaragua Custom Travel Planner: [tooltip text=”Miss the Costa Rica of 20 years ago? Consider the country to its north—one of rain forests, beaches, charming colonial cities, private islands in the middle of a vast lake, and even a volcano you can snowboard on. The infrastructure can be challenging, though—Nicaragua is still finding its tourism feet—and that’s where Gedeon comes in. He’s a master of logistics, anticipates problems, and—should surprises occur—will find immediate solutions.”]  Pierre Gédéon: Nicaragua Adventures [/tooltip]
Phone: 505/2552-8461
Email: info@nica-adventures.com  or pgedeon67@gmail.com
Website: Nicaragua Adventures

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Wendy Perrin’s WOW List

Nicaragua Custom Travel Planner: [tooltip text=”Whatever your interests, Pierre, a Frenchman whose adopted home is Nicaragua, orchestrates itineraries that maximize efficiency in a country that’s still relatively undeveloped. Trips can feature adventure activities from soft to strenuous; a romantic beach escape; bird watching and other wildlife pursuits; visits to archaeological sites, colonial towns, and native villages; a focus on three of the country’s most popular exports—coffee, chocolate, and cigars—or, in many cases, all of the above.”]  Pierre Gédéon: Nicaragua Adventures [/tooltip]
Phone: 505/2552-8461
Email: info@nica-adventures.com  or pgedeon67@gmail.com
Website: Nicaragua Adventures

Read Pierre’s guide to Nicaragua.


Additional Nicaragua Custom Travel Planners Ideas

Nicaragua Custom Travel Planner: [tooltip text=”A native Costa Rican who goes back several times a year, Irene arranges trips to her homeland—as well as to the neighboring nations of Panama, El Salvador, and Nicaragua—that marry sophisticated luxury and ecological sensitivity.“]  Irene Edwards: GreenSpot.travel
Phone: 877-891-3539
Email: irene@greenspottravel.org
Website: greenspot.travel

Top Ten – Ideas for working with your Nicaragua Custom Tour Planner.

1 – Zipline in the Mombacho Cloud Forest Reserve.

2 – Tour a coffee farm.

3 – Hear the howler monkeys, loudest land animal on earth.

4 – Visit old fortresses baking under the hot Nicaraguan sun.

5 – See toucans, agouti and humming birds in Chocoyero Nature Reserve.

6 – Visit bamboo weavers in Catarina.

7 – Rest on Montelimar’s beaches.

8 – Admire the vistas on a hike around the Mombacho Volcano.

9 – See artisans at work on a variety of handicrafts in Masaya.

10 – Relax on Ometepe Island.


Nicaragua Tourism Website:

Visit Nicaragua

From the website:

“When planning your travel, consider a place with beaches on both the Pacific Coast and the Caribbean Sea, as well as volcanoes, lakes, tropical rain forests, colonial cities and eco-luxury.”

Help us improve our lists.  Let us know if you have a favorite Nicaragua Custom Travel Planner in the comment section!

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