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Custom Travel Planners Network

Washington DC Custom Travel Planners Ideas

Washington DC

Need help with a Washington DC custom tour? Choose from this curated list of Washington DC custom travel planners to help design your private tour.

One of these Washington DC custom travel planners can provide you with all the ideas you need to create the ideal trip for your family. A Washington DC, with it’s history and culture, is rich with opportunities to explore. And with all the free activities there, it can be a touring bargain – your congressman doesn’t charge for a visit to his or her office! And a walk from the Smithsonian to the Lincoln Memorial, past the Washington Monument, the White House and the Vietnam Memorial, is a once-in-a-lifetime thrill for young budding explorers.

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Washington DC Custom Travel Planners Ideas

Lincoln Memorial

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Wendy Perrin’s WOW List

Washington DC Custom Travel Planner: [tooltip text=”Context Travel runs in-depth cultural walking tours in cities throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia for groups of up to six travelers. Each tour is designed and led by a scholar or specialist—in disciplines including archaeology, art history, cuisine, urban planning, history, environmental science, and classics. These professors, researchers, and experts in their field provide exceptional insight and open doors that would otherwise be closed to most travelers “]Paul Bennett: Context Travel[/tooltip]
Phone: 800-691-6026
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Website: Context Travel

Additional Washington DC Custom Travel Planners Ideas

Washington DC Custom Travel Planner: [tooltip text=”Custom Tours of DC is a company that offers private tours and plans custom itineraries for individuals and groups.  Our guides specialize in private Washington DC tours that cater to people seeking an above-and-beyond experience of the city. They inspire learning while bringing all the history of our Nation’s Capital to life. During your tour, our guides will entertain with stories and anecdotes, all the while providing accurate information about each site, and our drivers will make sure you arrive at your destinations easily and efficiently.”]Adam Plescia: Custom Tours of DC[/tooltip]
Phone: 202-600-2488
Email: info@customtoursofdc.com
Website: Custom Tours of DC

Washington DC Custom Travel Planner: [tooltip text=”We are locally owned and operated. Big deal? ‘Out-of-Towner’ companies seem to advertise all the other places they tour, like Boston, New York, or the Everglades. Clearly, if their focus isn’t here, what does that tell you about their tour here? At Tiber Creek Tours of DC, our focus is HERE! Now entering our second decade, our accomplished staff will captivate you with accurate, well-researched information, anecdotes, a sprinkling of trivia, all delivered with a clear speaking voice and an absolute sense of fun!”]Tiber Creek Tours of DC[/tooltip]
Phone: 877-800-7920
Email: info@tibercreektoursdc.com
Website: Tiber Creek Tours of DC

Top Ten for Washington DC: Ideas for working with your Washington DC Custom Tour Planner

1 – See the view from the top of the Washington Monument

Washington DC Custom Travel Planners Ideas

Washington Monument

2 – Visit the wonders of the Smithsonian Museum

3 – Read the Gettysburg Address at the Lincoln Memorial

4 – Stroll along the Tidal Basin under the Cherry Blossoms

5 – Listen to the echoes under the Capitol Dome

6 – See the Declaration of Independence at the National Archives

7 – Take the White House Tour

8 – Reflect on the sacrifices of a nation at Arlington National Cemetery

9 – See a performance at the Kennedy Center

10 – Walk in the contemplative silence of the Vietnam Memorial

Washington DC Tourism Website

Washington DC – DC Wishbook

This website offers a wide range of inspiration, travel tips, travel planning details, lodging and attractions booking and so much more.  So much, in fact, that just navigating your way through all of it can be daunting. If you are time-constrained, you may want to consider contacting one of the Washington DC custom travel planners listed above in order to streamline your planning process. They’ll ask you the pertinent questions about your situation and come up with a solution to meet your needs – bypassing all the superfluous information and dead-end website research.

From the website:

From the founding fathers to Martin Luther King, Jr. to today’s president, Washington, DC is a city steeped in history — and history in the making. Explore the city’s museums and memorials, and discover the history of a nation.

Help us make our list better. Let us know if you have a favorite Washington DC Custom Travel Planner in the comment section!

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