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Antarctica Custom Travel Planners

Antarctica custom travel planners will work within the bounds of established norms for Antarctica. Choose from this curated list of custom travel planners.

Antarctica tourism is not that in the rest of the world; you will need to work with a tour operator or cruise company in order to travel there.

The majority of tour operators providing visits to Antarctica are members of the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO), which seeks to ensure that tourism in Antarctica is conducted in a safe and environmentally friendly way. IAATO is comprised of more than 100 companies from Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Falkland Islands, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, and the United States.

One of the interesting options is a visit to the British Antarctic Survey. Most people visit Antarctica by taking a cruise from South American or even Australia. You can also visit several of the outposts there, including Union Glacier Camp, Mount Vinson and even the South Pole itself.  Read Welcome to the Hotel Antarctica in 1843 Magazine or a description of this experience and then visit Adventure Network International listed below.

See here for a list of Antarctica Cruise Specialists.

We suggest the Antarctica Custom Tour planners who will work with you to identify the best package for you:

Antarctica Custom Travel Planner: Henry Cookson: Cookson Adventures
Travel & Leisure A List
Phone: 44 7990 069 554
Email: hc@cooksonadventures.com
Website: Cookson Adventures

Antarctica Custom Travel Planner: Ashton Palmer: ExpeditionTrips
Phone: 206-204-1872 or 877-412-8527
Email: ashton@expeditiontrips.com
Website: ExpeditionTrips

Antarctica Custom Travel Planner:  Adventure Network International
Phone: 801 266 4876
Email: general@adventure-network.com
Website: Adventure Network International

“ANI pioneered private flights to Antarctica in 1985 with an ascent of Mount Vinson. We specialize in guided climbs, ski expeditions and other adventures in the interior of Antarctica. Our team is the most experienced in the business. Our remarkable itineraries are backed by solid logistics and care for the environment to bring you the very best of the icy continent. ”


Antarctica Custom Travel Planner: Poseidon Expeditions
Phone:  347-801-2610
Email:  salesUSA@poseidonexpeditions.com 
Website: Expedition Cruises

“Poseidon Expeditions’ goal is to provide curious, discerning travelers with the perfect combination of comfort and personable service, balanced with maximum opportunities for outdoor activities in the spirit of adventure. Using a fleet of Zodiac landing craft and operating different types of helicopters aboard icebreakers, passengers are guided ashore by an exceptional team of expedition guides and educators to observe up-close the spectacular wildlife and landscapes. ” 

Antarctica Custom Travel Planner:  Lynn Cross: Polar Cruises
Phone: 888-484-2244
Email: info@polarcruises.com
Website: Polar Cruises

“Former Antarctic-expedition leaders with more than 100 polar trips between them, this couple specializes in small expedition ships, from adventure-oriented to luxury. Arctic trips include visits to colorful villages and polar bear habitats, while Antarctica cruises make stops at penguin colonies.”

Help us make our list better. Let us know if you have a favorite Antarctica Custom Travel Planner in the comment section below!

    Antarctica Top Ten Travel Ideas

    Ideas for working with your Antarctica Custom Tour Planner

    Try some of these great ideas to start your conversation with one of the travel experts listed below.

    1 – Drift among the ice floes.

    2 – Visit an emperor penguin colony.

    3 – Take a zodiac from your cruise ship to get up close and personal.

    4 – Visit an historical hut.

    5 – Tour the Dry Valleys.

    6 – Watch the Antarctic chicks hatch.

    7 – Go whale watching.

    8 – Learn from the science station at Union Glacier.

    9 – See Sea seals cavorting as summer warms the coasts.

    10 – Take a flightseeing tour of remote areas.

    General Information

    Cruise Entry only for tourists

    Antarctica Tourism Information

    There is no specific tourism website for the Antarctic.   These are related sites with information related to tourism:

    British Antarctic Survey

    International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators

    Visitor Guidelines

    Guidelines for Visitors – English PDF

    Custom Travel Planner Network-Antarctica-Couples Goals

    Custom Travel Planners Network