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Yukon Territory
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Canada Custom Travel Planners

Try one of these Canada custom travel planners based on your interests.  With thousands of miles of wilderness, vast plains and towering mountain ranges, just getting a handle on what you can do in Canada could take weeks of exploring.   A Canada custom travel planner can help you determine the best choices for your travel party.   Choose from this curated list of Canada custom travel planners to start planning your trip today:

Canada Custom Travel Planner: Marc Télio: Entrée Canada
Conde Nast Travel Specialist, Travel & Leisure A-List, Wendy’s WOW List
Phone: 604-408-1099 or 888-999-6556
Email: marc@entreedestinations.com
Website: Entree Destinations

Western Canada:

Canada Custom Travel Planner: Sheri Doyle: Pacific Northwest Journeys
Wendys’ WOW List
Phone: 800-935-9730
Email: info@pnwjourneys.com
Website: Pacific Northwest Journeys

Canada Custom Travel Planner: Jennifer Lobb
Travel & Leisure A-List
Phone: 262-490-5598
Email: jj.traveldesign@gmail.com
Website: None

Alberta & British Columbia:

Canada Custom Travel Planner: Roxy Dukes: Steppes Travel
Travel & Leisure A-List
Phone: 855-203-7885
Email: roxy.dukes@steppestravel.com
Website: Steppes Travel

Newfoundland & Nova Scotia:

Canada Custom Travel Planner: Jill Curran: Maxxim Vacations
Wendy’s WOW List
Phone: 800-567-6666
Email: through website only
Website: Maxxim Vacations

Canada Custom Travel Planner: John Parker: Fresh Tracks Canada
Phone: 604-737-8743 or 1 877 395 5236
Email: john@freshtracks.com
Website: Fresh Tracks Canada


Canada Custom Travel Planner: Uncommon Journeys
Phone: 800-323-5893
Email: uncommon@uncommonjourneys.com
Website: Uncommon Journeys

Help us make our lists better! Let us know if you have a favorite Canada Custom Travel Planner in the comment section below!


    British Columbia


    New Brunswick


    Nova Scotia


    Canada Top Ten Travel Ideas

    Ideas for working with your Canada Custom Tour Planner

    Try some of these great ideas to start your conversation with one of the travel experts listed below.

    1 – Ride the Trans-Canada rails through spectacular scenery

    2 – See the amazing natural spectacle of the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)

    3 – Attend the Caribou Carnival in Yellowknife

    4 – Relax at the crystal turquoise waters created by glacial runoff at Lake Moraine, surrounded by the majestic upper Rockies.

    5 – Take a tour of the Yukon Wildlife Preserve

    6 – Travel to the arctic tundra near Inuvik

    7 – Drive the vast prairies of Saskachewan

    8 – Attend the world-famous Calgary Stampede

    9 – Take the North Cape Coastal drive on PEI

    10 – Watch polar bears play in Churchill, Manitoba

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    Canada Tourism Websites Information

    Canadian Holidays & Vacations

    From coast to coast, Canada is filled with unexpected wonders that are sure to awaken your inner explorer.  The website has places to go, things to do and trip ideas.

    Canada is an enormous country with lots of regions.  Here are some additional tourism websites to explore for more in-depth information about these areas:


    British Columbia



    Nova Scotia


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