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Custom Travel Planner Network-Central Asia-Georgia-Gergeti Trinity Church Gergeti Trinity Church
Custom Travel Planner Network-Central Asia-Uzbekistan-Samrkand Samarkand
Custom Travel Planner Network-Central Asia-Kazakhstan-Sciatta Trail Tianshan Sciatta Trail Tianshan
Custom Travel Planner Network-Central Asia-Uzbekistan-Ayaz Kala Ayaz Kala
Custom Travel Planner Network-Central Asia-Armenia-Tatev Monastery Tatev Monastery
Custom Travel Planner Network-Central Asia-Kazakhstan-Charyn Canyon Charyn Canyon
Central Asia

Custom Travel Planners for Central Asia

When you engage a Central Asia custom travel planner you will find a partner in travel who can guide you on the best way to make the most of your travel experience and your travel dollars!  Whether it’s an active climb to a peak experience, gliding between towering mountains or a relaxing nature adventure to photograph scenery, these experts help to create the trip of your dreams.

Central Asia Custom Tour Planner (Georgia): Amelia Stewart: Original Travel
Conde Nast Travel Expert

Phone: 866-205-8369
Email: amelia@originaltravel.co.uk
Website: Original Travel

From CN: “Meeting people helps a person understand and appreciate a country and its culture, and Stewart makes that happen, giving her clients the opportunity to see and understand what life is really like in a place. Her clients have spent a night in troglodyte caves, attended local weddings, danced in family restaurants, lunched and dined in private homes, played English country house games with Bedouin tribesmen, and even taken an insider tour of the presidential offices in Tbilisi. She’s plugged into the capital’s coolest boutique hotels and its cutting-edge fashion scene, and is a conduit to Georgian culture: khinkali-dumpling-cooking lessons, polyphonic choirs, a village pagan festival.”


Central Asia Custom Tour Planner: Zulya Rajabova (Uzbekistan): Silk Road Treasures
Conde Nast Travel Expert, Travel & Leisure A-List, Wendy’s WOW List

Phone: 908-719-7676
Email: zulya@silkroadtreasuretours.com
Website: Silk Road Treasure Tours

From Wendy: “Zulya grew up in Uzbekistan—her hometown, Bukhara, is one of the legendary cities of the Silk Road trading route—and has lived in the U.S. since 2003. This makes her well suited to introduce foreigners to the stunning landscapes and ancient sites of Central Asia, including all five “Stans.” Her expertise with languages (in addition to Uzbeki and English, Zulya speaks German, Russian, and Farsi) set her on a path in tourism: She started out as an interpreter and guide for journalists, diplomats, and heads of state visiting Uzbekistan. Her personal contacts at museums, exhibition sites, and performance companies translate to exclusive access for her clients, and the encounters that she orchestrates with artisans and businesspeople help bring alive aspects of the culture both ancient and contemporary.”

Read Zulya’s Insider’s Guide to Uzbekistan.


Central Asia Custom Tour Planner (Pakistan): Jonny Bealby: Wild Frontiers
Conde Nast Travel Expert

Phone: 44-20-7736-3968
Email: jonny@wildfrontiers.co.uk
Website: Wild Frontiers


Central Asia Custom Travel Planner (Former Russia): Greg Tepper: Exeter International
Conde Nast Travel Expert, Travel & Leisure A-List
Phone: 800-633-1008
Email: greg@exeterinternational.com
Website: Exeter International

From T&L: “A Russian speaker, he arranges exclusive experiences in both major cultural centers — a private performance from the Georgian national dance company in Tbilisi, say — and more out of the way destinations, like the Armenian countryside, the medieval towns of Russia’s “Golden Ring,” or the Silk Road sites of Uzbekistan.”


Central Asia Custom Travel Planner: Dilfuza Isomovna: Uzbekistan Boutique Tours
Conde Nast Travel Expert
Phone: 998 652241040
Email: dilisomovna@gmail.com
Website: BLTES-Uzbekistan Boutique Tours

From CN: “Uzbekistan is Isomovna’s home country — which means she’s actually there, a point of differentiation that gives many clients peace of mind. She can arrange after hours tours in spectacular Samarkand or Bukhara and, through her connections, she’ll take you into some off-the-beaten path rural areas. ”


Central Asia Custom Travel Planner (Silk Road): Paul Craven: Steppes Travel
Conde Nast Travel Expert
Phone: 944 1285 880980
Email: paul@steppestravel.com
Website: Steppes Travel

Help us make our list better. Let us know if you have a favorite Central Asia Custom Travel Planner in the comment section below!

    Countries of Central Asia

    Try some of these great ideas to start your conversation with one of the travel experts listed above.  Rather than try to come up with specifics, we thought we’d let the beauty of the countries speak for themselves. Below are beautiful pictures from seven of the countries in Central Asai, followed by pictures for additional countries in the regions.

    Most of the pictures are from Unsplash, Dreamstime and Pixabay.






    Additional Countries in the Region





    Custom Travel Planner Network- CenAsia-Kashmir-India







    Custom Travel Planners Network