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Current Worldwide Travel Status

Current Status of Travel to Countries around the World

This is a very quick overview of the status of travel for countries around the world.  We try to keep this page updated but always rely on in-country, governmental entities for the most current information.

The information below is for US CITIZENS coming from the United States.  While many countries have all sorts of reciprocities with various countries, the best way to know for certain if you are allowed into a country is to check directly or with a travel expert. To check for other origin points, we suggest Travelbans.org.  They have a cross reference list where you can enter in your point of origin and find out what countries are open to you at this time.

For further information and informative links, please see the country page, which is accessible either from the top menu or by clicking on the link to the travel experts for that country in the list below.

Status Guide

Closed 0

Country’s borders are not open to US-based travelers with US passports.

Restricted Opening 0

Country’s borders are very restricted and often require significant planning. Quarantines may be a part of the process of travel planning, vaccines may be required, etc.

Limited Opening 0

Country’s borders are open with limited restrictions. The most common requirement is vaccination required.  Other examples include requiring an instant test on arrival or before boarding a flight, requiring a PCR test within a limited time before travel, willingness to submit to ap-based tracking, only specific airports, etc.

Fully Open 0

Country’s borders are open to all travelers from the US per their standard visa requirements.

Current Status by Country

Open the tab to see country details.

Botswana 0

Botswana Experts                                   Go2Africa Notice

Egypt 0

Egypt Experts                                              US Embassy Update

Ethiopia 0

Ethiopia Experts                                              US Embassy Update

Kenya 0

Kenya Experts                                   US Embassy Information

Madagascar 0

Madagascar Experts                                  US Embassy Information

Morocco 0

Morocco Experts                          US Embassy Information

Namibia 0

Namibia Experts                         US Embassy Information

Rwanda 0

Rwanda Experts                                         Rwanda Reopens (Tourist Site)

Seychelles 0
South Africa 0

South Africa Experts                                        The Points Guy Article with Info

Tanzania 0

Tanzania Expert                                           US Embassy Information

Tunisia 0

Tunisia Experts                                       US Embassy Information

Uganda 0

Uganda Experts                             Garda Information

Zambia 0
Zimbabwe 0

Zimbabwe Experts                        US Embassy Information

Burma 0
Cambodia 0

Cambodia Experts                        US State Embassy

India 0
Japan 0
Laos 0
Maldives 0
Mongolia 0
Nepal 0
Philippines 0
Thailand 0
Austria 0
Belgium 0
Croatia 0
Czech Republic 0
Denmark 0
England 0
Finland 0
France 0
Germany 0
Greece 0

Greece Experts                            US Embassy Information

Hungary 0
Iceland 0

Iceland Experts                            US Embassy Information

Ireland 0

Ireland Experts                                                    US Embassy Information

Italy 0
Netherlands 0

Netherlands Experts                                  US Embassy Information

Norway 0
Portugal 0
Russia 0

Russia Experts                                  US Embassy Information

Scotland 0
Spain 0
Sweden 0
Switzerland 0
Wales 0
Egypt 0

Egypt Experts                                              T&L Article

Israel 0

Israel Experts                                   Israeli Government Information

Jordan 0

Jordan Experts                           US Embassy Information

Oman 0

Oman Experts                            US Embassy Information

Turkey 0
United Arab Emirates (UAE) 0

United Arab Emirates (UAE) Experts                    US Embassy Information

Australia 0
Bali 0
Fiji 0
Indonesia 0
New Zealand 0
Papua New Guinea 0

Papua New Guinea Experts                              Travelbans.org

Tahiti 0

Tahiti Experts                                            Tahiti Tourism: Details for Tourists

Bermuda 0
Bermuda 0
Caribbean 0

Caribbean Experts                   Each Island has different rules

Cuba 0

Cuba Experts                          US Embassy Information

Mexico 0
Argentina 0
Bolivia 0

Bolivia Experts                          US Embassy Information

Chile 0

Chile Experts                                              T&L Article

Colombia 0

Colombia Experts                         US Embassy Information

Ecuador 0
Paraguay 0

Paraguay Experts                     US Embassy Information

Peru 0

Peru Experts                            US Embassy Information

Uruguay 0
Venezuela 0

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