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Israel Custom Travel Planner

An Israel custom travel planner can create the perfect trip for you and your travel party.  Visit the Holy Land, enjoy private touring, special and rich cultural experiences. The following list is compiled from travel writers, travel experts and our readers.  An independent tour, designed just for you and personalized to your needs, is often the best way to get the most out of your travel experience.  If you have a favorite Israel Custom Travel planner, let us know their name, company and contact information.  Post a comment to offer your suggestions.

Israel Custom Travel Planner: Joe Yudin: Touring Israel
Conde Nast Travel Expert, Travel & Leisure A-List, Wendy’s WOW List
Phone: 877-778-8644
Email: joe@touringisrael.com
Website: Touring Isreal

Read Joe’s Insider’s Guide to Jerusalem and Israel.


Israel Custom Travel Planner: Susan Weissberg: Wylly’s Professional Travel
Conde Nast Travel Expert

Phone: 305-442-2008
Email: susan@wyllystravel.net
Website: wyllystravel.com

Israel Custom Travel Planner: Tova Wald: Tova Wald
Travel & Leisure A-List
Phone: 972-4-629-1878
Email: tova@tovawald.com
Website: Tova Wald

Israel Custom Travel Planner: Jonathan Rose: Touring Israel
Conde Nast Travel Expert
Phone: 877-778-8644
Email: jonathan@touringisrael.com
Website: Touring Israel

Additional Israel Custom Travel Planner Ideas

Our Favorite for both individuals and groups:

Israel Custom Travel Planner: Benji Shavit: Regina Tours Isreal, Ltd
Phone: 972/2-5869677
Email: benji@reginatours.com
Website: Regina Tours Israel

Cultural Experiences:

Still coming!

Let us know if you have a favorite Israel Custom Travel planner in the comment section below!

    Israel Top Ten Travel Ideas

    Ideas for working with your Israel Custom Tour Planner

    Try some of these great ideas to start your conversation with one of the travel experts listed below.

    An Israel custom travel planner can help you see this Top 10 from the The Holy Land or help you create your own list of “must-see” places.

    1 – Explore the holy sites of Jerusalem

    2 – Experience the sense of history at Masada

    3 – Float on the Dead Sea

    4 – Place a prayer at the Wailing Wall

    5 – Take a sail on the Galilee

    6 – Stand on the banks of the Jordan River

    7 – Have fun in the sun in Eilat

    8 – Take a walk through the Old City

    9 – Reflect at the Mount of Beatitudes

    10 – See the Rock inside the Dome

    General Information

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    New Israel Shekel
    Tel Aviv (TLV)

    Israel Tourist Website Information

    Go Israel

    From the website:

    Israel’s rich history attracts millions of tourists each year, longing for a sense of what it was like in the Holyland during biblical times. Kfar Kedem (literally The Ancient Village) does exactly that, offering hands-on experiences that transport guests to life on a Jewish village in the Galilee two thousand years ago. Visitors can ride donkeys across the rolling hills that Abraham rode. Take in the scents that Jacob smelled tending Laban’s flocks. Hear the words of the prophets as they thresh grain, press oil from fresh olives and wine from fresh grapes while dressed like times of old.

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