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Japan Custom Travel Planners

A Japan custom travel planner can advise you on the best times of year to travel to the Land of the Rising Sun.  The following list is compiled from travel writers, travel experts and our editor and our readers.  An independent tour, designed just for you and personalized to your needs, is often the best way to get the most out of your travel experience. Try one these Japan custom travel planners based on your tastes and interests:

Japan Custom Tour Planner: Nancy Craft:  Esprit Travel & Tours
Conde Nast Travel Expert

Phone: 800-377-7481
Email: nancy@esprittravel.com
Website:Esprit Travel & Tours

Japan Custom Tour Planner: Duff Trimble: Wabi-sabi Japan
Conde Nast Travel Expert

Phone: 647-477-1711
Email: duff@wabi-sabijapan.com
Website:Wabi-sabi Japan

Japan Custom Tour Planner: Amy Tadehara: Inside Japan Tours
Conde Nast Travel Expert, Travel & Leisure A-List

Phone: 303 952 0379
Email: amy@insidejapantours.com
Website: Inside Japan Tours

Japan Custom Tour Planner: Andrea Zuleta: Boutique Japan
Conde Nast Travel Leisure

Phone: 1 866-400-4262
Email: az@boutiquejapan.com
Website: Boutique Japan

Japan Custom Tour Planner: Laura Hagler: Global Basecamps
Conde Nast Travel Expert

Phone: 866-577-2462
Email: laura@globalbasecamps.com
Website: Global Basecamps

Japan Custom Tour Planner: Rebecca Mazzaro: Asia Transpacific Journeys
Conde Nast Travel Expert, Travel & Leisure A-List
Phone: 720-881-5568
Email: rebecca@atj.com
Website: Asia Transpacific Journeys

Japan Custom Travel Planner: Scott Gilman: JapanQuest Journeys
Travel & Leisure A-List, Wendy’s WOW List
Email: scott@asiaquestjourneys.com
Website: JapanQuest Journeys


Additional Japan Custom Travel Planners by Specialty:

Luxury Tours:

Absolute Travel

Japan Quest Journeys

Cultural Experiences:

Focus on arts and culture

Esprit Travel & Tours

For in-depth exploration of the city of Kyoto:

Windows of Japan


Wabi-Sabi Japan

For walking, hiking and more remote locations:

Oku Japan

Walk Japan

Family Specialist:

Japan Custom Travel Planner: Elaine Baran: Esprit Travel & Tours
Phone: 800-377-7481
Email: ebaran@esprittravel.com
Website: Esprit Travel & Tours

Help us make our lists better.  Let us know if you have a favorite Japan Custom Travel Planner in the comment section below!

    Japan Top Ten Travel Ideas

    Ideas for working with your Japan Custom Tour Planner

    Try some of these great ideas to start your conversation with one of the travel experts listed below.

    1 – Walk under the cherry blossoms on the Philosopher’s Walk.

    2 – Gaze the neon canyons of the Ginza.

    3 – Stroll through the Zen gardens of Kyoto.

    4 – Spot Geisha in Gion.

    5 – Partake of the ancient traditional tea ceremony.

    6 – Attend Noh theater, Kabuki or a Sumo wrestling match.

    7 – Climb to the top of an authentic samurai castle.

    8 – Explore trendy shops in Roppongi.

    9 – Walk through the bright vermilion tori gates of Fushimi Inari.

    10 – Stay in a ryokan.

    General Information

    Japanese Yen
    Tokyo Narita (NRT) or Haneda (HND) or Osaka (KIX)

    Japan Tourism Website Information

    Japan Endless Discovery

    From the Website:

    “Japan values its cultivated traditions and practices as much as it values keeping in touch with the future. Whether grounded in history or in religion, Japanese customs are still widely practiced to this day. There are many ways travelers can experience authentic Japanese heritage without having to spend too much money. A visit to a shrine, temple, or castle would provide fantastic insight into Japan’s diverse history and how Japanese society has developed. “


    Custom Travel Planners Network