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Brazil Top Ten Travel Ideas

Ideas for working with your Brazil Custom Tour Planner.

1 – Revel at the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro.

2 – Cruise the Amazon.

3 – See Cristo Redentor atop Corcovado mountain.

Brazil Custom Travel Planners

Christo Redentor

4 – Discover amazing Iguassu Falls.

5 – Dive in Recife.

6 – Explore botanical gardens.

7 – Dance the samba after savoring churrasco.

8 – Helicopter around Sugarloaf mountain.

9 – Catch the sights at Ipanema.

10 – Travel the Transpantaneira Park Road.

Brazil Custom Travel Planners

Whether you are visiting Iguassu Falls or exploring Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paolo, getting the assistance of one of these Brazil custom travel planners is sure to help make your tour preparation easier.

Conde Nast Brazil Travel Experts

Brazil Custom Travel Planners Ideas

Iguassu Falls in Brazil

Brazil Custom Travel Planner: Paul Irvine: Dehouche
Phone: 800-690-6899
Email: paul.irvine@dehouche.com
Website:  Dehouche

From CN: “Irvine, a Brit who has lived in Rio de Janeiro full-time for ten years, has strong—and well-informed—opinions on Brazil’s best-known and most popular destinations (he knows what’s happening in the gorgeous beach town of Trancoso and the best tucked-away hotels in Rio). But he’s also passionate about the country’s unexplored and up-and-coming gems, like Tiradentes, a picturesque 300-year-old village with superlative food, just 40 minutes by plane from Rio.”

Brazil Custom Travel Planner:Jill Siegel: South American Escapes
Phone: 888-462-7428
Email: jill@southamericanescapes.com
Website:  South American Escapes

From CN: “Fluent in Portuguese, Siegel sends 500 travelers to Brazil annually. Although she loves Rio—she lived there as a tour manager for six years and has figured out all its best (and worst) hotel rooms—Siegel enjoys directing her clients beyond Ipanema to places like Salvador da Bahia, the center of Afro-Brazilian culture; the Amazon rain forest; or the Pantanal, the largest concentration of wildlife in South America.”

Travel & Leisure A-List

Brazil Custom Travel Planner: Martin Frankenberg: Matueté
Phone: 866-709-5952
Email: martin@matuete.com
Website:  Matueté

From TL: “Frankenberg and his staff at Matueté spare no expense when evaluating hotels and experiences, and unlike much of his competition, he doesn’t outsource any of his services (guides, drivers, etc.) to local operators. ”

Brazil Custom Travel Planner: Paul Irvine: Dehouche
Phone: 800-690-6899
Email: paul.irvine@dehouche.com
Website:  Dehouche

From TL: “The British expat values small, design-forward properties with top-notch wine cellars over large chain brands, and refrains from sending clients to hotels when he knows the manager will be away. The company doesn’t have offices in expensive cities like New York and London, meaning lower overheads often translate into savings for his clients. ”

Wendy Perrin’s WOW List

Brazil Custom Travel Planner: Paul Irvine: Dehouche
Phone: 800-690-6899
Email: paul.irvine@dehouche.com
Website:  Dehouche

From Wendy: “Paul is most passionate about planning vibrant itineraries that incorporate as much of Brazil’s nature, sea, and culture as possible. He’s constantly zipping around the country digging up intel on the hottest new hotels, hidden beaches, and wilderness adventures, and checking in with his carefully chosen team of guides, drivers (cars and speedboats), and private-jet pilots. ”

Read Paul’s Insider’s Guides to Rio de Janeiro and Trancoso

Brazil Custom Travel Planner:  Martin Frankenberg: Matueté
Phone: 866-709-5952
Email: martin@matuete.com
Website:  Matueté

From Wendy: “Based in São Paulo with an office in Rio de Janeiro, Martin, a Brazil native, has made it his primary business for the last 13 years to create luxurious experiences in the country’s Amazon region—where high-end tourism didn’t previously exist. In addition to cultivating relationships with the region’s top hoteliers and convincing anthropologists and biologists to moonlight as guides, he holds a spare set of keys to many of the finest private yachts in the Amazon, which he regularly charters for his travelers for the ultimate customized adventure. ”

Read Martin’s Insider’s Guide to the Brazilian Amazon.

Additional Brazil Custom Travel Planners Ideas


Brazil Custom Travel Planner: Raúl García: Anakonda Amazon Cruises
Phone: 786-220-3251
Email: info@advantagecuador.com
Website: Anakonda Amazon Cruises

“Raúl García is an institution. Known simply as ‘el Capi’ (short for “The Captain”, in English), Raúl is as much an expert naval commander as he is an ecotourism pioneer. Today, Raúl proudly presents his most ambitious project, the Anakonda Amazon River Cruise, the result of nearly half a century of experience exploring Amazonian Ecuador. ”

Cultural Experiences:

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Let us know if you have a favorite Brazil Custom Travel Planner in the comment section below!

Brazil Tourism Website Information

Visit Brazil

The Visit Brazil website is a little difficult to navigate.  It seems they select an internal destination within the country to feature and so when you visit the site if you are not looking for that place, you have to work quite a bit to find other information.  In fact, you have to already know where you want to go before you start working on the site!  A better, and easier way to determine the best plan for your trip is to use a Brazil custom travel planner.  Custom tour planners base their recommendations on your interests, needs, budget and their in-depth knowledge of the destination. Their services range from simple itineraries to fully-planned out custom tours with private introductions, cultural experiences and memories that will last a lifetime.

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