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Papua New Guinea

Need help with a PNG custom tour? Choose from this curated list of Papua New Guinea custom travel planners and specialists to help design your private tour.

Talk to a Papua New Guinea custom travel planner about how to explore this exotic land. This list will give you a start on your planning process.


Papua New Guinea Custom Travel Planner: Lynette Wilson: Destination World
Wendy’s WOW List
Phone: 800-224-0220
Email: world@silcom.com
Website: Destination World

Read Lynette’s Papua New Guinea Insider’s Travel Guide.

Additional Papua New Guinea Custom Travel Planner Ideas

Papua New Guinea Custom Tour Planner:  Alan Manning: South Sea Horizons
Phone: 612 8216 3678
Email: alan@southseahorizons.com
Website: South Sea Horizons

Papua New Guinea Custom Tour Planner:  Aaron Hayes: Ecotourism Melanesia
Phone: 675-7056-7277 or 770 5066
Email: ecotourism.melanesia@gmail.com
Website:  Ecotourism Melanesia

PNG Explorers International

Papua New Guinea Custom Travel Planner: Tom Marchant Black Tomato
Phone: 44-
646/558-3644 (London)
Email: tom@blacktomato.com
Website: Black Tomato

Help us make our lists better! Let us know if you have any favorites in the comment section below.

    Papua New Guinea Top Ten Travel Ideas

    Ideas for working with your Papua New Guinea Custom Tour Planner

    Try some of these great ideas to start your conversation with one of the travel experts listed below.

    1 – Walk the Kokoda track, a 200-year-old trail used for commuting from Village to village.

    2 – Go to the Rabual Mask Festival.

    3 – Getaway to a beach hut on remote Conflict Island.

    4 – Take a Sepik River safari.

    5 – Watch the Asmat Canoe War ceremony.

    6 – See the famous Mudmen of New Guinea.

    7 – Birdwatch at Ambua Gap and Tari Gap where you can spot the brilliant blue Victoria Crowned Pigeon.

    8 -Get marooned on a desert island for a day

    9 – Visit a tribal village in the wild jungle of Irian Jaya.

    10 – See vibrantly colored sealife scuba-diving in the Coral Triangle.

    General Information

    Papua New Guinea
    Tok Pisin, English
    Papua New Guinean kina
    Port Moresby (POM)

    Papua New Guinea Tourism Website Information

    Papua New Guinea

    From the Website:

    ” Lying just south of the equator, 160km north of Australia, Papua New Guinea is part of a great arc of mountains stretching from Asia, through Indonesia and into the South Pacific.  With a vibrant and colourful culture, more than 600 islands and 800 indigenous languages, Papua New Guinea is made up of 4 regions with 20 provinces. – See more  “

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